Formatting and Styling


Label's content can be controlled by changing the text option's value. Labels can be displayed on multiple lines by using the newline character (\n) between each line.

Tip: the space between each line can be adjusted using the font.lineHeight option.

Following scopes will be replaced automatically:

  • %l: will be replaced by Label of the data
  • %p: will be replaced by Percent of the data
  • %v: will be replaced by Value of the data
  • \n: will be replaced by New Line


outlabels: {
    text: '%l PER => %p \n VAL => %v'



Text Alignment

The textAlign option only applies to multiline labels and specifies the text alignment being used when drawing the label text (see CanvasRenderingContext2D.textAlign). Note that right-to-left text detection based on the current locale is not currently implemented.

Supported values for textAlign:

  • start (default): the text is left-aligned
  • center: the text is centered
  • end: the text is right-aligned
  • left: alias of start
  • right: alias of right

Graph Styling

There are plenty of options available for Label's styling


outlabels: {
    backgroundColor: "#8C1DFF", // Background color of Label
    borderColor: "#001BFF", // Border color of Label
    borderRadius: 17, // Border radius of Label
    borderWidth: 10, // Thickness of border
    color: 'white', // Font color
    display: true,
    lineWidth: 10, // Thickness of line between chart arc and Label
    padding: 17,
    stretch: 100, // The length between chart arc and Label
    text: "%l (%p)"
    textAlign: "center"


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